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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Super Busy

This a very busy month for me. There's just so much stuff to do! First, we have to pass two videos to our mapeh teacher on Tuesday. The first one is news casting and the second one is a music video. It's a very long work. And we only have two days left!
Second, we need to pass our reaction paper about the movie, "the road to Kalimugtong" on the same day. I don't know if I can do all those stuff in just two days. I'm just too busy!
Actually, I'm already editting the two videos right now and it will not be finished today because there are still so many missing parts. We still need to take more shots for our videos. Tomorrow, we will continue our shooting so we really need to work fast because after the shoot I still have to edit the whole thing. There's no more time for me to do the reaction paper.
Then, next week, we will have our National Achievement Test. It's really unfair! We are the only year level that will take the test! After our NAT, we will still have our periodic exam! We don't even get a chance to rest!
Waaaah! I hope that this month will end fast!

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  1. If this month ends, this school year would end as well. ):