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Friday, February 13, 2009

ice ice water

Well, this is definitely a fun day for me. There's a cheer camp at our school today. And, many joined. Even Erika, my little sister, joined. But, I didn't. I don't like dancing very much because I'm not good at it. So, we stayed at the classroom.
I thought that we were the unlucky ones. It turned out to be the other way around! We had so much fun! The teachers did not go to class so we played at the room all day long. We played "ice ice water". It's a very traumatic game for me. I bumped my head on the ground ones while playing this game. Well, I guess I don't learn from my mistakes! Hahaha! This time, nothing bad happened to me. That's why I enjoyed it a lot!
My classmates who joined in the cheer camp looked very bored when we tried to look at them. They were very quiet. Not like when they're inside the classroom where they run around and scream all day long.
Well, I guess we were the lucky ones. Hahaha! I love this day!

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