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Friday, September 4, 2009

Card Giving

Today's our card giving. So yeah... I'm really worried about my grade in advanced algebra. We entered the room. There's no one there except our adviser, M. Dee and us. It gives me a scary feeling. It's like I'm going to be judged to death. Hahaha. Exaggerated. I received my card and yeah, my grade in AA is really low. But what's lower is my grade in Filipino. Yeah. I really don't like Filipino. My teachers so deep with her Tagalog words that I can't reach it anymore. I'm just happy I didn't have any grade lower than 90.

My mom asked our adviser, Sir Vitug, how I'm doing in school. Of course, my teacher answered with the word "Makulit" and Ms. Dee agreed. I was like " Yeah, that's true. Hahaha". So the remarks ended there. I also found out that I'm the top 8. So I'm happy. Good thing I made it.

I'll end it here. My sister's going nuts because she already wants to use the pc.


'Twas extremely fun! And exhausting too. hahaha. We went to Rizal. We entered a cave. I can't remember its name but it's a famous spot for shootings. Actually, a shooting was going on when we went there. They're shooting for one scene from the GMA series, Darna, starring Marian Rivera. I saw her talking to someone while we're passing by. She's really white. But, I'm not really a fan of GMA shows because I'm a kapamilya. So yeah. I just took a quick glimpse and then passed by her.
The cave is really dark so I'm frightened because I'm scared of the dark. Good thing I have my friends with me. It's really exciting when you get inside. But it's really slippery so we had a hard time. I don't know why but every time we have our field trip, it's raining. So yeah.. our feet we're soaked in water. It's not really that high. But there's one point in the cave where the water's high. Of course I didn't know that, so when i stepped on it, my feet sank and and the water entered my shoes. My white socks and shoes turned into brown. It feels really gross but there's nothing I can do. There's no other way but to go sink our feet in the ice cold water.
The internal of the cave was really amazing. It's totally breath taking but parts of the cave was already vandalized by people. The cave was long so when we got outside we really felt tired. We didn't recognize our shoes after going into the cave. I really want to go change to my slippers but we're not allowed because we're still going to trek. So yeah, we went for a long and tiring trek. Many of my classmates slipped. Good thing I didn't. I guess I have a good balance. hahaha. After the long walk, we finally reached the falls. I'm surprised when I saw our bus on the other side. It's like, "What the heck! You guys made us trek when we could have just returned to the bus". But it's good. I enjoyed it anyway.
Before we went for a swim, we ate lunch first. At last! I'm really hungry 'coz I haven't eaten breakfast. I finished quickly because I really want to go for a swim already. We were the first class to finish eating. What can I say, we're really in the mood for a dip. The water is really cold! But it's fine because we can take it. We went near the falling water. It's really cool. It's like the water is massaging my shoulders and back. We played in the water. I played some pranks with my classmates and in return, they splashed water on my face. Hahaha.
The hardest part of all is the changing part. It's really difficult to change clothes when you're all squeezed in in the bus. It took us about half an hour to go change and clean up.
We went to a camp after. They showed us a demonstration of how they go into a battle. I got really shocked when they fired their guns. I wasn't prepared for it! Well, it's good for the heart! Hahaha. They also showed us some techniques we can use for survival when we get stranded with nothing with us. They let us taste the rice they cooked in a bamboo shoot. It tastes like rice cake. It's good. Then we played at the obstacle course. Some just joined so that they can go see Kuya Nico, the cutest soldier there. Hahaha. So I dirtied myself again. The obstacle course was really tiring but it's fun. I like the part where we cross the lagoon by using rope the best. I think I developed some muscles! hahaha! The soldiers were really nice. I guess they're not really that bad.

So.. all in all, it's so much fun!! It's my best fieldtrip to date! It's adventurous and very exciting! I love it!

WOW. I think this is my longest blog ever. I guess I really enjoyed the trip! Now, I have to prepare for the card giving tomorrow.

(^_^) -ME-

Thursday, September 3, 2009


I haven't updated my blog for quite some time now.. Well, many things happened. Let's do some recap.

3 weeks w/o classes
I know! We're so lucky right?! Well it's going to be over soon so I'm trying to enjoy every minute of it. Yes, yes, yes... The cold floor where I lie down every time I get tired. The strong wind outside our room that brushes my messy hair whenever we go out. Our dirty room that looks like it was hit by a tornado. Our happy times playing "Ten Twenty", "Chinese garter", "Ice, ice water", or cards. And oh those unforgettable memories we had while playing "Ten Twenty" with, yes of course, Mark. Yes, that was truly worth remembering.

Haute Couture
I don't know if I spelled it right.
Well... This was really time consuming. I wasted my precious time of playing for dress making. Yes, I'm very lazy. Well, It wasn't that bad. We actually enjoyed doing it. It was hard at first because we kept on changing our design. But we got the hang of it and so our work went on smoothly. Our work actually came out good. I'm proud of it!

Yey! We're going to have our fieldtrip tomorrow! I'm already getting excited! Oh men! I haven't fixed my things yet! Men, i'm lazy.

Core Value Presentation
So yeah. We're done with our presentation. It's really full of flaws. I know that. 'Coz we've only practiced completely for I think 2 days? It's really hard. We know that it was really a messy performance. But hey, we did our best. I really got pissed off when I heard a bad comment about our performance. C'mon! I doubt that you can do it. You're so boastful. I think 90% percent of the population in school hates you! Why not try doing it and see for yourself!( I'm actually referring to one person) You're so plastic. Urrrghhh... Hate those kinds..

Sana mabasa mo at sana matamaan ka.