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Thursday, September 3, 2009


I haven't updated my blog for quite some time now.. Well, many things happened. Let's do some recap.

3 weeks w/o classes
I know! We're so lucky right?! Well it's going to be over soon so I'm trying to enjoy every minute of it. Yes, yes, yes... The cold floor where I lie down every time I get tired. The strong wind outside our room that brushes my messy hair whenever we go out. Our dirty room that looks like it was hit by a tornado. Our happy times playing "Ten Twenty", "Chinese garter", "Ice, ice water", or cards. And oh those unforgettable memories we had while playing "Ten Twenty" with, yes of course, Mark. Yes, that was truly worth remembering.

Haute Couture
I don't know if I spelled it right.
Well... This was really time consuming. I wasted my precious time of playing for dress making. Yes, I'm very lazy. Well, It wasn't that bad. We actually enjoyed doing it. It was hard at first because we kept on changing our design. But we got the hang of it and so our work went on smoothly. Our work actually came out good. I'm proud of it!

Yey! We're going to have our fieldtrip tomorrow! I'm already getting excited! Oh men! I haven't fixed my things yet! Men, i'm lazy.

Core Value Presentation
So yeah. We're done with our presentation. It's really full of flaws. I know that. 'Coz we've only practiced completely for I think 2 days? It's really hard. We know that it was really a messy performance. But hey, we did our best. I really got pissed off when I heard a bad comment about our performance. C'mon! I doubt that you can do it. You're so boastful. I think 90% percent of the population in school hates you! Why not try doing it and see for yourself!( I'm actually referring to one person) You're so plastic. Urrrghhh... Hate those kinds..

Sana mabasa mo at sana matamaan ka.

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