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Friday, September 4, 2009

Card Giving

Today's our card giving. So yeah... I'm really worried about my grade in advanced algebra. We entered the room. There's no one there except our adviser, M. Dee and us. It gives me a scary feeling. It's like I'm going to be judged to death. Hahaha. Exaggerated. I received my card and yeah, my grade in AA is really low. But what's lower is my grade in Filipino. Yeah. I really don't like Filipino. My teachers so deep with her Tagalog words that I can't reach it anymore. I'm just happy I didn't have any grade lower than 90.

My mom asked our adviser, Sir Vitug, how I'm doing in school. Of course, my teacher answered with the word "Makulit" and Ms. Dee agreed. I was like " Yeah, that's true. Hahaha". So the remarks ended there. I also found out that I'm the top 8. So I'm happy. Good thing I made it.

I'll end it here. My sister's going nuts because she already wants to use the pc.

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