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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Gloria: bad president.. or not?

According to my friend, Sarah Capili, President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is small but terrible. Terrible... for corrupting the Philippines. She also stated that, right now, the Philippines is the fourth most corrupt country in the world. She is blaming the president for this matter. I asked myself.. is the president really the cause of all of these problems? I guess some of this is partly her fault for letting corruption worsen in the Philippines, but I don't think that corruption is mainly her fault. I heard my titas talking about the election and they ran into the issue about Gloria being corrupt. They said that one official (I didn't heard his name) complemented the president because she is the only president who sought for the Philippines' development. While she was in Singapore, the president said "I want the Philippines to be better than Singapore". That's a very tough thing to say. Singapore has a very successful economy and making the Philippines that successful is already very difficult but saying that she wants the Philippines to be better than Singapore, that's almost impossible! She is very determined to make the Philippines improve.

Now, why does she have a bad reputation? That's because of the Philippines, itself. When they see the president become good in her job, they try to bring her down. They create scandals that will bring the reputation of the president to trash. The most famous scandal is the "Hello Garci" scandal. The content of this scandal is really devastating to her career. But how did this scandal rise? It's a private phone call yet it reached the media.

She has done many development to our country. During President Erap's time, the Philippines has experienced a major downfall. President Gloria has brought the Philippines back on track. Yet, we never appreciated all her efforts to make the Philippines better. All we see are her faults. We cry for change and development but when change comes to us, we throw it aside.

So now, do you still think that Gloria is really a bad president? Why and why not?