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Friday, June 25, 2010


Haven't used this for a while. haha. Changed my profile! So.. what do you think??? ;D

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Gloria: bad president.. or not?

According to my friend, Sarah Capili, President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is small but terrible. Terrible... for corrupting the Philippines. She also stated that, right now, the Philippines is the fourth most corrupt country in the world. She is blaming the president for this matter. I asked myself.. is the president really the cause of all of these problems? I guess some of this is partly her fault for letting corruption worsen in the Philippines, but I don't think that corruption is mainly her fault. I heard my titas talking about the election and they ran into the issue about Gloria being corrupt. They said that one official (I didn't heard his name) complemented the president because she is the only president who sought for the Philippines' development. While she was in Singapore, the president said "I want the Philippines to be better than Singapore". That's a very tough thing to say. Singapore has a very successful economy and making the Philippines that successful is already very difficult but saying that she wants the Philippines to be better than Singapore, that's almost impossible! She is very determined to make the Philippines improve.

Now, why does she have a bad reputation? That's because of the Philippines, itself. When they see the president become good in her job, they try to bring her down. They create scandals that will bring the reputation of the president to trash. The most famous scandal is the "Hello Garci" scandal. The content of this scandal is really devastating to her career. But how did this scandal rise? It's a private phone call yet it reached the media.

She has done many development to our country. During President Erap's time, the Philippines has experienced a major downfall. President Gloria has brought the Philippines back on track. Yet, we never appreciated all her efforts to make the Philippines better. All we see are her faults. We cry for change and development but when change comes to us, we throw it aside.

So now, do you still think that Gloria is really a bad president? Why and why not?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

shake it like a PROM PROM

Hahaha! Cool title! It fits the song's name! Hahahaha! Hahaha! Haaaaaaa....... OK! Done laughing.

So, as the title "suggests", this blog is, yes, about prom. My friend, Robelle, inspired me to write a blog about it. In my previous blog, I spoke about my bitterness because of not being able to go to prom. Luckily , I was able to go! So there, My mom woke me up early. It didn't cross my mind that I'm going to SUFFER in waking up because of prom. I thought that my mom would wake me up later that day. So I took a bath first then...on with the make up! So yeah.. she put curlers on my head. It looked weird, by the way, but I guess It's part of the "process". After eating breakfast, my mom started putting make up on my face. My make up was ALMOST DONE! ALMOST DONE! Then... she put the fake eyelashes. The glue scattered on my eyelids! I mean, come on!! We were almost done! So, we started all over again. So... in the end, my mom realized how hard a make-up artist's job is.

We arrived very early at Sofitel. So we took that chance to take some pictures around the place. One by one, my classmates started to come. We first saw a girl with glasses and fine straight hair. Then, I realized.. it was Hedda! lol. Nice hair Hedda. Then the SMYM. They look dashing with their suits on. All the boys looked rather dashing but quite shorter than usual. I guess it's because of the heels all the girls were wearing. It's difficult being tall sometimes 'cause it's hard to find a partner taller than you.

Then on with the entourage. My partner was Nilleth. I got very nervous while walking so unknowingly, I walked faster than usual. I'm sorry Nilleth. I know it was hard for you. While walking, I heard Janelle's voice calling me. So I laughed (nervously) while walking.

The program was boring but it was less boring than what I was expecting. The meal was good. Especially the dessert. It was unexpectedly delicious. I had trauma while eating at Don Henrico's. Their tiramisu was not to my liking so I thought that all tiramisu desserts taste like that. Good thing they weren't!

Then the giving of awards! Two people from my section got awards. Shane as the star of the night and Eudes as prom prince. Congratulations to both of you! The prom prince and princess and king and queen started the first dance. Then the others followed.

Let the party begin! The DJ played party songs and love songs alternately on the dance floor. I don't know why but I can't remember who my first dance was. Hmmm.. I think it was Raymart. So I started the conversation so as not to make the moment awkward. We talked about Sam all throughout. It was a very long dance. Hahaha! My classmates told us that we look good with each other. Hmm. What's up with that? Hahaha. The other boys were just exchanging partners with each other. Mark was fun to dance with. He made me twirl THREE TIMES. Not your usual side- step partner huh. Hahaha. The best part for a single female, interested in friends only is the party songs. I had gone wild on the dance floor! My heels were a hindrance so I took them off.

I got so hyped! I dance until morning! It was actually bitin but it was really really fun...