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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

You're unreasonable

Some people are just unreasonable. It's not your fault but "she" will blame it all to you. Everyone around you knows that you didn't do anything. But still, in her eyes, it's all your fault. She's seems good to you. Then the next day, you'll just find out that she's mad at you. Someone will apologize to her, but instead of accepting her apology, she will save that someone and then blame you even though you know that it's not your fault. What's frustrating is that her reason has no connection with the true reason why she's mad at you.
If she's mad at you, she should not have made a reason that makes no sense at all. How will you apologize if you know that you're not guilty. HELLO?!! YOU MAKE NO SENSE AT ALL!!


  1. It would have been better if she just accepted everyones apology. -Hedda

  2. hahahaha!! yeah! she's making everything worse./