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Monday, March 16, 2009

GM wars?

A while ago, a GM war occured. It all started when Kahlil, a friend of mine, sent a message stating that I will be treating everyone to Bora. I laughed on what I've read. Really hard. I answered back to his group message, GM for short. I told my classmates that Kahlil is going to treat us to Puerto Galera. It's just a joke. I was really having fun on the so called "GM war" It's really funny. Hahaha!! Then after the war about one of us treating all of our classmates to somewhere, Kahlil sent a message telling everyone that I am a lesbian. I'm quite used to it because he always does that. I'm tired of replying "He!" because after that reply, our conversation will be over. So for a change, I answered back with a message telling my classmates that Kahlil is gay. I laughed hard on what I've just typed. But I was a little worried because Kahlil might get mad. I got a little relieved because Kahlil replied with a another funny GM. This so called war continued, but after a while, I started to sense that Kahlil is really getting mad. I was laughing my guts out when Kahlil suddenly sent a message telling everyone that I was boastful and that he's inferior. I stopped laughing because at that point, I'm already sure that Kahlil is already mad. I sent a GM saying sorry to Kahlil. After what happened, the war between us ceased for a while. But then, there's still a continuation, according to Kahlil. I'll try to be light next time. Hahaha!!

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