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Saturday, July 25, 2009

my birthday's coming!

Today's July 26, 2009. It's Sarah Geronimo's birthday. It's one day before my birthday!
YIPEE! My birthday's coming! I'm gonna be 15! But.. I'm only gonna celebrate it here at our house. Actually, we'll still celebrate it outside the house but we'll do it on July 29, two days after my birthday. I'm gonna go with my friends. We're going to watch HP6, go bowling, and eat! Maybe do some shopping and playing and stuff..
Are you asking why I'm going to celebrate two days after my birthday and not ON my birthday? Easy. Just to make sure that I already have some bills when we go out. HAHA! My parents are going to go give me money on my birthday. Gosh, I can't wait! Haha! It's only cheap but i guess it's enough for one day of partying! ADVANCED HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ME! YIPEE!

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